Altec Lansing VS4221 3-Piece Music & Gaming System with Remote is Unbelievably Convenient

The Altec Lansing VS4221 3-Piece Music amp; Gaming System with Remote includes a subwoofer and two speakers that can be used as either computer speakers or a sound system for your TV. This sound system comes with a small remote with adjustments for volume, treble, bass, loudness, and standby, and one of the speakers has a headphone jack and volume controls. There is also an RCA input on the back of the subwoofer.
The two speakers themselves have pivoting heads that can be adjusted to face straight forward or to aim the sound at an upward angle. Even though this Altec Lansing sound system comes with a remote, I have never used the remote since the right speaker has its own volume control, and I can adjust treble and bass on the computer to which my speakers are hooked up. The sound can be turned off by pressing the right speaker’s two volume buttons at the same time; to turn the sound back on, just press the volume-up button. For those who may choose to use it, the remote seems ridiculously small (see photo accompanying this article) and seems like it could easily become lost due to its small size.

The Altec Lansing VS4221 3-piece speaker system delivers the high-quality sound that I was hoping for when I bought these to replace my old computer speakers. Now I can finally hear all the parts that sounded muffled by my older speakers. I have played music, DVDs, and computer games with these speakers, and in each instance I have not been the least bit disappointed. Everything from classic rock to hip-hop, from industrial metal to classical — each type of music that I’ve played so far has sounded crystal-clear through these Altec Lansing speakers. I can’t help but turn the volume up each time I experiment with a new sound through the Altec Lansing 3-piece speaker sytem.

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When I first heard the impressive sound that trembled from the subwoofer, I was completely blown away by the amount of bass of which this system is capable. This is my first experience with a sound system that has a subwoofer so I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it delivers the full and robust sound that it promises, making every DVD, music, and gaming experience that much more enjoyable. The subwoofer seems to bring the source of the sound right into your home, placing you right in the middle of the action and the music.

With the RCA input jack, this speaker system can also be hooked up to a television for a rich and pleasing DVD-viewing experience.

The Bottom Line

Overall, I couldn’t have been happier with a set of computer speakers as I am with the Altec Lansing VS4221 3-piece speaker system. Voices from DVDs and video games are clearer, and music sounds richer through these speakers. The volume controls are simple and straightforward, and the headphone jack in the right speaker is unbelievably convenient, eliminating the need for crawling around behind the computer looking for a headphone jack every time I need one.

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