Bicom’s PlayGo USB Makes for Great Wireless Speakers

If you’re looking to get rid of cords and cables and enjoy music regardless of if you’re on the go or within the comfort of your own home, you’ll want to consider checking out Bicom’s PlayGo USB wireless speakers.

No Cords

If you’ve been feasting your eyes upon the PlayGo USB wireless speakers from Bicom, it’s very likely that you’ve been drooling over this piece of hardware because you’ve grown tired and annoyed of using wired speakers. The PlayGo USB speakers not only provide a wireless solution for your audiophile needs, but its design is also compact which is certain to help with portability and save lots of space with its great form factor.

Great Range

A major concern when dealing with wireless speakers – or anything wireless for that matter – is range. Let’s face it, regardless of how annoying cables and cords can be, if a wireless device doesn’t support a respectable wireless range, it’ll likely be considered useless. The PlayGo USB supports a great range of up to 75 feet of transmission while offering peak audio quality.

Excellent Audio Quality

The PlayGo USB wireless speakers feature “audiophile quality” with 24-bit/96Khz digital to analog conversion, 106dB dynamic range, -93dB THD+N, 2V output, and Gold plated RCA connectors – for the best transmission possible. The PlayGo USB speakers from Bicom might not look the part, but they are packing some serious audio quality under the hood.

Easy Installation

Honestly speaking, sometimes the hassle of hooking up a wireless setup is more confusing and annoying than dealing with cables and cords, but Bicom has designed the PlayGo USB wireless speakers to be easy to connect and install. The PlayGo USB system is plug and play and is advertised to be able to “start sending your audio wirelessly in less than a minute” – how simple is that.

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Room for Expansion

The sound quality of the PlayGo USB wireless speakers are awesome, but if you’re looking to get even better quality out of your wireless speaker setup, that option is also available to you. The PlayGo USB system allows up to 4 PlayGo recievers to pair with a PlayGo transmitter for an even better audio setup than originally supplied.

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