How to connect computer speaker to TV

Every user of any computer and a TV in our time seeks how to maximize the entertainment. They get loads of choices to enhance their leisure time without any difficulty. On the other hand, they do not aware about how to connect both a computer and a TV together for the most exceptional amusement. Once […]

Bicom’s PlayGo USB Makes for Great Wireless Speakers

If you’re looking to get rid of cords and cables and enjoy music regardless of if you’re on the go or within the comfort of your own home, you’ll want to consider checking out Bicom’s PlayGo USB wireless speakers. No Cords If you’ve been feasting your eyes upon the PlayGo USB wireless speakers from Bicom, […]

Equipment worth millions of dollars is not used

Recently there has been a lot of talk about under-investing of our police and outdated equipment that it has to use. The truth is that our lawyers are not always able to use what they have. The Central Statistical Office in 2011 donated 16.5 thousand mobile terminals worth $ 22.5 million to the Police. Terminals […]

The Best V-Moda for True Blood Revamp In-Ear Headphone Features

Are you an audiophile that loves kicking back and watching episodes of the very popular TV show, True Blood? If you are, you’ll love the new V-Moda for True Blood Revamp in-ear headphones which packs features that’ll leave you thrilled. Great Audio Quality Audiophiles will be more than impressed with the great audio quality of […]

Altec Lansing VS4221 3-Piece Music & Gaming System with Remote is Unbelievably Convenient

The Altec Lansing VS4221 3-Piece Music amp; Gaming System with Remote includes a subwoofer and two speakers that can be used as either computer speakers or a sound system for your TV. This sound system comes with a small remote with adjustments for volume, treble, bass, loudness, and standby, and one of the speakers has […]

Shots that change the flight path actually work

A few months ago, DARPA made an order for sniper rifles to change the course of their flight after firing. The new armament created by Teledyne Technologies is ready and has passed the first tests that demonstrate its suitability. American DARPA has been working on new military technologies for years, which can significantly change the […]

“Flying crane”

The “Weekly Plane” series launched last week will turn into a flying machine of the week, because today we took a helicopter for the wallpaper, and it’s not just anybody because the “flying crane” One might say “bizarre” machine is perfectly constructed for its role of heavy transport helicopter. In its original version designed for […]

Drones will help professional photographers

Although unmanned flying machines do not yet deliver shipments yet, they do well in many other tasks. And soon they will also benefit from them also photographers, which such machines hold the flash. Since MIT engineers can attach various devices, such as cameras and camcorders, to the drones, it’s also possible to install a flashlight. […]

Death in orbit

Was Yuri Gagarin actually the first man in space? How many brave men have lost their lives in preparation for an extraterrestrial journey? Is the body of one of the victims of the space race of the Powers reach the limits of our solar system? “Homeland hears, homeland knows where her son is flying into […]

Shelter for victims of natural disasters

London’s Duffy London design studio has shown an interesting concept of refuge for victims of natural disasters. The Duffy Shelter is easy to transport and can be folded very quickly. It also provides excellent shelter from cold and rain. In the case of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes or floods, it is important to […]