Drones will help professional photographers

Although unmanned flying machines do not yet deliver shipments yet, they do well in many other tasks. And soon they will also benefit from them also photographers, which such machines hold the flash.

Since MIT engineers can attach various devices, such as cameras and camcorders, to the drones, it’s also possible to install a flashlight. At that time, they would provide invaluable assistance to professional photographers who, by appropriate illumination of an object, can highlight some of its features by hiding others.

It is known that sometimes you have to set the lamp in a completely different place than the camera to better outline the outline. Meanwhile, the flying drones can be positioned in any position desired by the photographer, who will have full control over the movement of the machine at all times.

MIT specialists are currently working on a special algorithm that will allow the drones to move independently behind the camera. So if a photographer changes positions, the unripe ones will also do so, setting themselves in such a way as to direct the light to the right place. The algorithm will also allow the drones to detect how the light falls on the object and then make adjustments to position to achieve the desired effect.

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