Equipment worth millions of dollars is not used

Recently there has been a lot of talk about under-investing of our police and outdated equipment that it has to use. The truth is that our lawyers are not always able to use what they have.

The Central Statistical Office in 2011 donated 16.5 thousand mobile terminals worth $ 22.5 million to the Police. Terminals have been purchased for census and agricultural use and are HTC Pro 2 devices with specialized software. During the census, they were used for communications as a navigational tool, as well as for remote computing tools. When it was no longer needed, the majority was given to the police.

One might think that such a gift will be readily used and thus improve the effectiveness of the police. Unfortunately, it is not and so far cops are using far less than half of the devices, and most of them are mobile phones. The remaining 8490 units are dredged in the warehouse, although they were to be used for the Police Command Assist System.

Unfortunately, for the full functionality, it was necessary to equip them with the appropriate software and buy a data transmission service, but it turns out that there is no money for it. Of course, this is not the fault of the police itself, but of the government who does not care that the services of our security services have sufficient resources to function.