“Flying crane”

The “Weekly Plane” series launched last week will turn into a flying machine of the week, because today we took a helicopter for the wallpaper, and it’s not just anybody because the “flying crane”

One might say “bizarre” machine is perfectly constructed for its role of heavy transport helicopter. In its original version designed for the needs of the US Army, it carries the designation CH-54, while its civilian version today is the S-64 “SkyCrane”.

The helicopter was carrying a load under the fuselage or in a container hold. Its transport capacity is impressive, especially when it comes to size objects. He could carry, for example, a complete field hospital, armed soldiers, or command post.

In addition, various types of vehicles, including armored vehicles, were transported, even small ships were transported. Very often these machines were used to rapidly change artillery positions on the battlefield.

Currently there are about 20 machines in use and they are used for civil purposes. Most often they serve as fire extinguishers or transport helicopters, on construction sites or offshore platforms, to carry large loads in hard to reach areas.

Interesting facts:

– During the Vietnam War, the CH-54 had collected as many as 380 destroyed machines;

– In Vietnam, these helicopters were used as a kind of bomber, they carried parachute bombs that dropped in the jungle to clear the area and make it a helicopter landing pad;

– helicopters were equipped with skids to operate in areas where snow and ice were on the agenda;

In 1992, a license for the S-64E helicopter was purchased by Erickson Air-Crane. Several amendments were introduced, the most important of which was the possibility of attaching a tank of 10,000 gallons. Thanks to this, this helicopter is used as fire extinguishing equipment.