Handwritten handwriting, tools, and hype, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 advertising campaign

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the main protagonists of the Korean giant’s conference to be held on the eve of the 2014 IFA Electronics Consumer Electronics Show. As part of the marketing campaign, we get a picture of what the Galaxy Note 4 is intended to be.

The first film is reminiscent of handwriting – the skill, apparently, disappears today. The sentimental accent, which is to be compared by comparison, is to move to phablet with a stylus – a stylus, thanks to which on the screen of the smarphone, which is closer to the notebook than the phone, we can make manual notes.

This function of the stylus, many people may actually find it useful, but even though taking a note with a stylus actually works, a comparison of the experience of shifting the stylus over the glass with a pen, a pencil or even a pen seems to be a bit outdated.

The second movie continues the first one, but no longer concentrates on writing itself, but on the alignment of the tool to the tool. Like a banal, but worthy of a moment of reflection, with the reminder that it is the making of tools that is the definitive action that distinguishes the Man from the animal world. This clip seems to be the best of the campaign and I would say that it is one of the best we’ve seen in the industry in recent years.

Simple message presenting Samsung’s aspirations to create a device that will be not only a gadget, but a full-fledged work tool. The added bonus here is the human-tool relationship, in response to the suggestion of Jobs’s legendary iPhone presentation, in which he mocked such tactics as a stylus.