How to change old receiver in “smarttv”?

Cabletech has launched a small device that will replace older televisions with modern receivers with access to the Internet and the app store.

Cabletech URZ0193 is a miniature computer. The size is more like a portable memory, but not unusual, because instead of the USB port, you need to insert it into the HDMI port. Until recently, televisions dominated the sale without access to the network. Only the most expensive models offered access to some websites and several applications. When you enter a full web browser, there is also a list of possible operations on your TV.

But for those who bought TVs before the launch of Smart TV, the only solution was to replace the existing receiver.

A small adapter plugged into an HDMI port turns the TV into a screen on a computer running Android (4.0), the user has access not only to a web browser (without restrictions on some TVs), but also has access to a number of applications that can be downloaded from Google store and run on the TV screen.

Assembly of the device is not complicated. Dongl is placed in the HDMI socket, USB cable – MikroUSB connects to the power source of the TV and selects as the source the HDMI socket to which the URZ0193 is inserted.

The device is equipped with a Wi-Fi antenna, which eliminates the problem of dragging the Ethernet cable to connect the receiver to the Internet. On TV, there is an initial screen that is well known for Android tablets.

External devices are required to navigate the system interface. It will be most convenient to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard. The USB port on the back URZ0193 can be used to connect the transmitter / receiver of the mouse and keyboard.