Nokia 8210 is popular with drug dealers

Drug trafficking is a very risky business, and participating in this practice must protect themselves from surveillance by law enforcement. Therefore, their favorite communication tool turns out to be the already nokia 8210, which is devoid of wireless connectivity, so it is impossible to monitor its user.

The most important thing in drug business is discretion. Using modern equipment is unprofitable for dealers because it is easy to track. That’s why many do not use smartphones with WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS under any circumstances, because the police can track them, so the risk of getting caught is too great.

Most white-collar dealers use old mobile phones and the most popular model in their business is the Nokia 8210. It is not only functional, small and relatively thin, but also devoid of modern means of wireless communication.

For uniformed services it is completely useless because the police are not able to use this phone to track and monitor the position of the dealer. Thanks to the battery capacity, the offender can use it all day, without the risk of running out of battery at the least expected moment.

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