Shelter for victims of natural disasters

London’s Duffy London design studio has shown an interesting concept of refuge for victims of natural disasters. The Duffy Shelter is easy to transport and can be folded very quickly. It also provides excellent shelter from cold and rain.

In the case of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes or floods, it is important to provide somebody with shelter from cold and rain. It is not an easy task, because the construction of even temporary barracks, it takes a while to get the material to the place.

London’s Duffy London design studio in 18 months, however, developed a concept of a very functional shelter called Duffy Shelter, which can easily solve this problem. It is easy to transport and install, which can be quickly offered to the injured.

There will be 35 shelters for one transport vehicle and less than an hour of construction, and only a screwdriver will suffice. After unfolding, the dimensions of the structure are 185 x 125 x 142 cm and are sufficient to provide shelter for two adults.

The shelter is equipped with windows with apertures, an internal shelf and two doors to facilitate entry. The internal structure is of course insulated and the whole is set on four legs of 120 cm in height so that it will not flood in the event of flood. In addition, they provide insulation against cold drawn from the ground.…

How to change old receiver in “smarttv”?

Cabletech has launched a small device that will replace older televisions with modern receivers with access to the Internet and the app store.

Cabletech URZ0193 is a miniature computer. The size is more like a portable memory, but not unusual, because instead of the USB port, you need to insert it into the HDMI port. Until recently, televisions dominated the sale without access to the network. Only the most expensive models offered access to some websites and several applications. When you enter a full web browser, there is also a list of possible operations on your TV.

But for those who bought TVs before the launch of Smart TV, the only solution was to replace the existing receiver.

A small adapter plugged into an HDMI port turns the TV into a screen on a computer running Android (4.0), the user has access not only to a web browser (without restrictions on some TVs), but also has access to a number of applications that can be downloaded from Google store and run on the TV screen.

Assembly of the device is not complicated. Dongl is placed in the HDMI socket, USB cable – MikroUSB connects to the power source of the TV and selects as the source the HDMI socket to which the URZ0193 is inserted.

The device is equipped with a Wi-Fi antenna, which eliminates the problem of dragging the Ethernet cable to connect the receiver to the Internet. On TV, there is an initial screen that is well known for Android tablets.

External devices are required to navigate the system interface. It will be most convenient to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard. The USB port on the back URZ0193 can be used to connect the transmitter / receiver of the mouse and keyboard.…

New rules for handling the right to be forgotten

Several years ago, at the request of the European Union, Google introduced new rules in its area called the right to be forgotten. Rules that give citizens of the Union the ability to remove information from their search engine related to their own person have been modified and become more useful.

The Internet is a place where once published information is difficult to remove for good. However, it can be difficult to find and it offers the right to be forgotten, a service launched by Google at the request of the European Union. This is an option that forces a Mountain View company to remove links from your search engine to your personal information, such as articles in the media or websites, at your request.

So far, however, the rules were territorially limited, which meant that, for example, a user living in Germany could demand removal of links exclusively from the German version of the search engine. That way they stayed in her American or Japanese version.…

Chrome will soon start blocking Flash

Chrome browser users will not be able to browse web pages that use Flash technology from the fourth quarter of this year. Google has announced that its tool will block this unsafe user standard to protect it from threats.

Just a dozen or so years ago Flash was the dominant standard on websites and it was hard to find a site that did not use it. Unfortunately, some time ago, it turned out that the technology developed by Adobe poses a threat to internet users due to the presence of many loopholes to help hackers carry out computer attacks. That’s why we started backing out of its use by replacing a much safer HTML 5 standard.

However, many sites, such as Facebook and YouTube, still use a dangerous standard, so Google, in an effort to protect its users from the threat, has announced that Chrome browser from the fourth quarter of this year will completely block it. Flash support will be disabled by default on all pages. Of course, the user will have the ability to choose whether he / she still wants to display items in this standard, however, you will have to do this manually, each time you visit the site.

By the way, you will also see a white list of 10 safe sites still using Flash, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Amazon.…

Rugged first in the world on a laptop computer

The Getac X500 integrates the capabilities of a laptop and a server into one compact mobile system. Everything in the device is slightly larger than a standard notebook, with which you can easily move without paying attention to external conditions.

The X500 Rugged Mobile Server is the world’s first rugged server to allow users to create a mobile command center. Thanks to this the device can be moved quickly and safely to the place of disaster, accident or temporary location.

The X500 Rugged Mobile Server is powered by an Intel Core i7-820QM 1.73GHz Quad Core and has a built-in RAID controller. This means that users can process large amounts of data and have the ability to continuously back up. In addition to the 500GB base disk, the device has 5 protected additional disk slots, giving the option to expand the memory to 5TB. RAID 0,1,5 offers faster data transfer and safer storage. The server is also equipped with a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT330M graphics card with 1GB of memory.

The X500 Rugged Mobile Server runs on Microsoft Windows Server 2012, so it can combine multiple devices in a private cloud, while ensuring the security of your data. Wireless communication is via an integrated WLAN card with a range of up to 1 km, WWAN and Bluetooth.

The Getac X500 Rugged Mobile Server is certified by the military for extreme operating conditions, such as humidity or negative temperatures. Thanks to its robust, airtight housing, it is also resistant to shocks, vibrations, water and dust. All the amenities make this device reliable and ensure uninterrupted system operation. Getac X500 Rugged Mobile Server will be the first choice in the industrial, military and public sectors.

The X500 measures 41.1 x 31.7 x 11.6 cm and weighs 8.57 kg. First orders will be made at the end of May 2013. Approximate cost is about 35 thousand. zł.…

Nokia 8210 is popular with drug dealers

Drug trafficking is a very risky business, and participating in this practice must protect themselves from surveillance by law enforcement. Therefore, their favorite communication tool turns out to be the already nokia 8210, which is devoid of wireless connectivity, so it is impossible to monitor its user.

The most important thing in drug business is discretion. Using modern equipment is unprofitable for dealers because it is easy to track. That’s why many do not use smartphones with WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS under any circumstances, because the police can track them, so the risk of getting caught is too great.

Most white-collar dealers use old mobile phones and the most popular model in their business is the Nokia 8210. It is not only functional, small and relatively thin, but also devoid of modern means of wireless communication.

For uniformed services it is completely useless because the police are not able to use this phone to track and monitor the position of the dealer. Thanks to the battery capacity, the offender can use it all day, without the risk of running out of battery at the least expected moment.…

Artificial Intelligence will help drivers focus their attention

One of the most common causes of traffic collisions and accidents is the inattention of the driver who instead of watching the passenger talk to the passenger, changes the radio station or reads the received SMS. Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new technology that will make it much more efficient to detect distracting drivers.

Engineers at Mitsubishi Electric, one of the Mitsubishi Group’s subsidiaries, are working on a new technology that uses Artificial Intelligence to effectively detect driver inattention due to fatigue or other factors.

This will be the first of its kind in the automotive industry. The system uses special instructional algorithms that will continuously analyze data such as speed and driving track, comparing it with the behavior of the driver, including its head position and pulse.

The artificial intelligence to which all data is flowing is based on the driver’s actions. It will compare driving with normal road conditions based on previous trips and if you notice that something is not right, then alert the driver.…

Industrial dron from Chinese manufacturer

The Chinese DJI, the world’s largest producer of drones, is launching another model. The M600 Pro is a device designed for industrial applications designed to perform tasks requiring high precision.

Drones are not only equipped with toy cameras for taking pictures from the air or recording video on sports activities. Increasingly often models are created for industrial applications, used to inspect machines, bridges, etc.

One of the newest devices of this type is the M600 Pro, presented by the Chinese DJI company. This is an improved version of the popular M600, designed for professional use. The biggest difference compared to the standard version is the new, modular A3 Pro controller, featuring three GNSS sets that provide much more precision control. It eliminates shocks, ensuring greater flight stability.

In addition to the controller, the M600 Pro also has a more powerful charger that allows you to charge up to six batteries at the same time, so you can keep your machine running longer.

The new dron has a lifting capacity of up to 6 kg and is compatible with most video cameras available on the market. On the other hand, a freshly charged battery is capable of flying for 16 minutes, with full load time. When it is lower, the length of the flight will increase accordingly. With the Zenmuse XT, the unmanned aerial vehicle will fly for 30 minutes. Its range is 5 km.…

Latek has developed a narcotics test for drivers

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is one of the more common causes of fatalities. But how easy it is to find out if a driver is on dual gas, the detection of drugs is more difficult. Thanks to 13-year-old Krishna Reddy, it will soon become much simpler.

The 13-year-old Wichita Falls student in Texas is one of the 10 finalists in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge, annual Best Young Scientist competition, and $ 25,000 in prize money. On October 12-13, the finals will be held and then we will see if Reddy has the chance to win a major prize.

To qualify for the finals, the teenager has created an extremely simple yet functional device that lets you know if a driver is drinking alcohol or is under the influence of drugs. His work works somewhat differently than typical breathalyzers, which test the alcohol content in exhaled air. The pupil’s invention uses the driver’s eyes for that purpose. Our pupils filter the amount of light entering the eyeball. When we look at its bright source, it narrows, but when it gets dark, it widens. Specific types of narcotic drugs such as alcohol and opioids cause miosis, while LSD, hallucinogenic mushrooms and cocaine expand them.

So the boy has created a simple device that uses this effect. He used a digital camera, a flashlight, and a roll of toilet paper. Using a cardboard roll, the light is directed directly to the pupil and the camera takes a picture of it. Then, with the help of the program, the level of pupillary narrowing is measured.…

Handwritten handwriting, tools, and hype, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 advertising campaign

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the main protagonists of the Korean giant’s conference to be held on the eve of the 2014 IFA Electronics Consumer Electronics Show. As part of the marketing campaign, we get a picture of what the Galaxy Note 4 is intended to be.

The first film is reminiscent of handwriting – the skill, apparently, disappears today. The sentimental accent, which is to be compared by comparison, is to move to phablet with a stylus – a stylus, thanks to which on the screen of the smarphone, which is closer to the notebook than the phone, we can make manual notes.

This function of the stylus, many people may actually find it useful, but even though taking a note with a stylus actually works, a comparison of the experience of shifting the stylus over the glass with a pen, a pencil or even a pen seems to be a bit outdated.

The second movie continues the first one, but no longer concentrates on writing itself, but on the alignment of the tool to the tool. Like a banal, but worthy of a moment of reflection, with the reminder that it is the making of tools that is the definitive action that distinguishes the Man from the animal world. This clip seems to be the best of the campaign and I would say that it is one of the best we’ve seen in the industry in recent years.

Simple message presenting Samsung’s aspirations to create a device that will be not only a gadget, but a full-fledged work tool. The added bonus here is the human-tool relationship, in response to the suggestion of Jobs’s legendary iPhone presentation, in which he mocked such tactics as a stylus.…