Shelter for victims of natural disasters

London’s Duffy London design studio has shown an interesting concept of refuge for victims of natural disasters. The Duffy Shelter is easy to transport and can be folded very quickly. It also provides excellent shelter from cold and rain.

In the case of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes or floods, it is important to provide somebody with shelter from cold and rain. It is not an easy task, because the construction of even temporary barracks, it takes a while to get the material to the place.

London’s Duffy London design studio in 18 months, however, developed a concept of a very functional shelter called Duffy Shelter, which can easily solve this problem. It is easy to transport and install, which can be quickly offered to the injured.

There will be 35 shelters for one transport vehicle and less than an hour of construction, and only a screwdriver will suffice. After unfolding, the dimensions of the structure are 185 x 125 x 142 cm and are sufficient to provide shelter for two adults.

The shelter is equipped with windows with apertures, an internal shelf and two doors to facilitate entry. The internal structure is of course insulated and the whole is set on four legs of 120 cm in height so that it will not flood in the event of flood. In addition, they provide insulation against cold drawn from the ground.