Shots that change the flight path actually work

A few months ago, DARPA made an order for sniper rifles to change the course of their flight after firing. The new armament created by Teledyne Technologies is ready and has passed the first tests that demonstrate its suitability.

American DARPA has been working on new military technologies for years, which can significantly change the way we conduct war. Their newest toy is the Exacto (Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance) missiles, which have the biggest advantage of being able to change the flight path when fired from a weapon.

In the case of long-range weapons, it is important to realize that the moving target is much harder to hit, and even trained snipers do not always have 100% efficiency in their goals. DARPA has commissioned the development of missiles, which, after firing, will be able to change the flight path. The work was commissioned by the American armaments company Teledyne Technologies, and the result of the order is a gun called the Exacto (Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance).

The defense department has already conducted several tests of new armaments that have demonstrated its effectiveness. Although not detailed technical details of the new weapon have been revealed, but unofficial information indicates that the sniper is lighting up the target with a laser beam, and that the missile has special ballasts that allow it to fly in flight.

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