New rules for handling the right to be forgotten

Several years ago, at the request of the European Union, Google introduced new rules in its area called the right to be forgotten. Rules that give citizens of the Union the ability to remove information from their search engine related to their own person have been modified and become more useful. The Internet is a …read more →

Chrome will soon start blocking Flash

Chrome browser users will not be able to browse web pages that use Flash technology from the fourth quarter of this year. Google has announced that its tool will block this unsafe user standard to protect it from threats. Just a dozen or so years ago Flash was the dominant standard on websites and it …read more →

Facebook and Google are battling Europe with false news

Facebook, in partnership with Google and local media partners, is tackling fake news in Europe. The actions of the companies are now focused on France, which will soon be the presidential election. Presidential elections in the US have shown how bad news is posted on web pages. So far none of this phenomenon has not …read more →