The Best V-Moda for True Blood Revamp In-Ear Headphone Features

Are you an audiophile that loves kicking back and watching episodes of the very popular TV show, True Blood? If you are, you’ll love the new V-Moda for True Blood Revamp in-ear headphones which packs features that’ll leave you thrilled.

Great Audio Quality

Audiophiles will be more than impressed with the great audio quality of the True Blood branded V-Moda in-ear headphones. The V-Moda for True Blood Revamp in-ear headphones features V-MASQUE hig-definition drivers which give off excellent bass, awesome mids, and exceptional highs. Regardless of if you’re using these headphones to rock out to music, watch a movie, or make calls on a smartphone, the quality of these headphones will blow you away.


Not only do the V-Moda for True Blood Revamp provide exceptional audio quality, they also have the added benefit of being able to stand the test of time. One of the worst things in-ear headphones are notorious for is their lack of durability, but the design of the V-Moda for True Blood Revamp is strong enough to survive an oncoming vamp attack. These headphone have been tested under military testing guidelines, are built with Kevlar reinforced cables, and feature 24k gold-plated plugs.

Secure Fit and Comfort

Being strong and durable is one thing, but far too often headphone manufacturer’s trade durability for comfort, but that isn’t the case with the V-Moda for True Blood Revamp in-ear headphones. These headphones feature ACTIVE FLEX detachable sport earhooks that provide a secure fit that is ideal for heavy physical activity like excersize or trying to escape vampires, werewolves, and other mythical creatures. In addition to providing in-ear security, these headphones are also made to feel comfortable and feature several earbuds to ensure that you have the best fit imaginable.

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Mobile Device Compatibility

If great audio quality, durability, and comfort weren’t enough to win you over, the V-Moda for True Blood Revamp also features compatibility with popular mobile devices, including iPhone, iPod, Android, Blackberry, tablets, notebooks, and other devices with 3.55mm port compatibility. The V-Moda for True Blood Revamp is also equipped with a volume and media control that allows phone calls with these awesome headphones that goes by the slogan “imagine your ears on V”.

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